burnout und kreaitivitaet

Burnout and creativity.

Most challenges are complex and can not be solved without creativity. Complex problems need inspiration or a creative moment for their solution. This is precisely the goal of my coaching. Problem-pattern and solution-pattern are different from one to the other; there are no continuous steps. A jump is needed to really make a difference. The power of change is determined by the attractiveness of the target reference. When you see what you could change, you are tempted to do it.

My coaching is customized for you.

When, how often and how long is your decision. You decide also about goals, procedures, measures and activities. I take responsibility for the process of your coaching by asking, questionning, confronting, sharing information, ideas, preparing transfer, etc..

Challenges provide us with opportunities and opportunities provide us with chances for new decisions, and make leaders, managers and organizations capable of change. Take small changes, like the snowball that can trigger an avalanche - I'm looking forward to working with you.

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