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Customized coaching.

The coaching of Beatrice Sigrist is customized
to fit the needs of C-level executives since 2002.

She has the following education
and professional experience:

Coaching. Learn from the best in the industry.

The hardest school for a coach is the practice . Beatrice Sigrist has experience with the best financial institutions in the industry - private banks , big banks , insurance companies , reinsurance, National Bank , Big 4 - and provides references upon request . But best you decide if the chemistry is right : Learn Beatrice Sigrist and know they work. An initial consultation - in the sense of a short trial session - is non-binding and confidential.

Testimonials :

The coaching gave me security in reviewing my starting position .
S.B. , Credit Suisse

I guess the coaching of Beatrice Sigrist , because I can reflect on my approach to the acquisition from time to time systematically and with professional detachment .
CEO , Zurich area

Beatrice Sigrist is an excellent listener and does an effective job of reflecting back what she has heard and by that helps me to gain a new thought pattern. She has enhanced my capability to increase my self-confidence and to know what's best and :to work and make it happen. I trust her and can highly recommend her".
Head Risk & Compliance of a Swiss Bank

Beatrice Sigrist has an extremely professional and yet empathic approach to coaching.
Dr. J.P., Head of Department

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