Check-list career – Answer 20 questions:

The 20 questions might help you to get an overview on where you currently stand in your development’s plan:

  • I have a clear idea of my skills and abilities.
  • I know my interests and what excites me.
  • I know which of my values are key.
  • I have success stories to tell and know how to position them.
  • I know what is important to me and what I expect the next career step to be.
  • My resume is updated and ready to be sent out.
  • I know exactly what my next career move is.
  • It is easy for me to ask for advice and information and to get in touch for it on the phone, by mail or in person because I have enough self-confidence.
  • I understand services of recruiters and how to make perfect use of my network.
  • I know the important things about the open and hidden job market.
  • On the job search I have a self-marketing plan.
  • I can state with confidence how I will adjust to the needs and requirements of a company - I'm prepared for the job interview.
  • I can illustrate my motivation, my skills and my interest in a job during the job interview with ease.
  • I have a proven strategy for salary negotiations.
  • I know how I adjust myself quickly the first 100 days in the new company: how to achieve quick wins AND create my personal balance.