Wann Coaching?

Evaluation to your 20 questions.    
  • 15-20 Congratulations ! Much movement from your center of gravity!
  • 11-14 Something outside of your center of gravity.     
  • 6-10 Pretty outside your center of gravity.     
  • 0- 5 Hardly movement from your center of gravity.

When does coaching make sense

  • I re-orient myself professionally
  • I would like to expand my perspectives with professional support
  • I would like to further know my strength and my potential for my job search because I am aware the better I present my strength the higher are my chances
  • I plan to give a new or different focus to the role of the career lady
  • I anticipate my retirement and the time after retirement will gain importance
  • I go for the long-term perspective
  • I plan a smooth change into my new job and a successful integration into my new position / my new team