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Checklist: How close are you to your focus objective?

A movement from one's own center is done with ease. If the focus is shifted from the center, lightest movements may get difficult. You then may not live in the midst of your power, but against it. The following 20 questions draw an overview on how close you are living to your center :
  •  I am successful by following my own path.
  • I achieve business results and cultivate my own well-being.
  •  I know my interests, what excites me and what is important to me.
  • I know which of my values are key.
  • I know my style of conflict and how I behave favorably in conflicts.
  • I know about protective stress factors.
  •  I know my stressors.
  • My effective time management system keeps my head clear.
  • I developed effective work techniques.
  • I say NO, even if I should or could say YES.
  • I know where my juice comes from and how I use and refill it easily.
  •  I can relax. I do relax. I allow myself to relax.
  • I no longer have to prove myself, I offer my talent.
  • I know the expectations of my most important stakeholders.
  •  I know my leadership point of view.
  •  My relationships are more important than my results.
  • As a manager, I communicate my vision and priorities regularly.
  • I have fun.
  • I let go of limiting patterns of thought and action, and open myself to new things.
  • Unexpected opportunities and solutions happen to me.
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